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[Multiplayer Survival Project]

A brief explanation of the game: 

A top-down RPG like game where you are on a stranded island and have to overcome problems like hunger and heat. Some days there will be some pirates coming to the island by boats and you have to take them down. There is no inventory system for players so that items have to be dragged by the cursor. The game is coded so that it can be played as singleplayer or with other players (multiplayer).

About the development:

I try to give programming time as much as possible and try to make the process as fast as possible. This is a hobby-job thing for me so I'm not asking for any money but If you want to help me with anything related to the game (visual, music, etc.) please contact me.

Also, I will need some game testers soon, If you want to participate please join my discord server: https://discord.gg/qDTJzGk

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